Friday, August 06, 2021

YNES’ open-arm call for God to ‘do his f*cking worst’… is actually one of her best

YNES, the British-Canadian Britpop-punk badass tapes her own ‘kick me’ sign onto her back, hands Brutus the knife and laughs in the face of God as she asks him to do his f*cking worst in punchy new single- 'God’s Little Punching Bag'.

Over the background of a 2000s-esque upbeat guitar melody, something that could be seen as a staple in YNES songs (seen also in IMmaturePretty Sure), YNES firstly tells her listeners, God and anyone who has and who could ever wrong her, that they’ll never take her sanity and dignity.

She states, “They’re mine to break, they’re mine to lose / They’re not to give away, what’s it to you?” The juxtaposition of these seemingly deep and pretty inspiring lyrics and upbeat melody, I feel reflects the message of the song to a T.

I’m reminded of a classic scene in a film where the protagonist is at the end of a long day of low points, and just as they think its all over, it starts to absolutely chuck it down with rain, but their reaction is not to cry, as perhaps God or their tormentors would have wanted, but to instead burst out laughing.

It’s the vibe of yes, life can be so bad that it honestly feels like a joke sometimes, so all you can really do is laugh, and that’s all you’re getting from me, it won’t break me down.

Throughout this song I really enjoyed YNES' further goading of her tormentor, stating the things they could do to her that still wouldn’t break her, my favourite being “Text your friends, tell your family / ‘Can you believe this psycho wrote a song about me?’” I felt this really added to fingers to the sky vibe of this track. 

Having the pleasure also to hear this belter live at the Castle Hotel in Manchester, this mullet-wielding punk in phenomenal cowboy boots and vocals resembling an angsty Kate Nash, got a great reception for this new song, that was played slightly heavier than the track itself, so was perhaps even better for dancing to.

Overall, this single is a cracking and extremely apt release that says a big f*ck you to the man upstairs after an absolute ‘mare of a year.

Frankie Golding 


Image: Jessica-Rose Lena

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