Thursday, August 05, 2021

Liz Cooper floats further with ethereal ‘Getting Closer’

Liz Cooper has caused a stampede with ‘Getting Closer’, the mystical second track off her new album ‘Hot Sass’; somehow one-upping herself after the spectacular lead single ‘Slice of life’, which was released back in June. 

With a tasteful and somewhat psychedelic change of pace, ‘Getting Closer’ offers a slower and less punchy dynamic than ‘Slice of Life’, all the while maintaining its comforting intimacy.

Hailing from Nashville, Liz Cooper & The Stampede have been gifting the music industry since their inception in 2014, having released a multitude of folk-rock singles and EPs such as ‘Monsters’ and ‘America’, as well as the ambitiously vibrant debut album ‘Window Flowers’. She now entices us with ‘Getting Closer’ – a song reminiscent of previous critically acclaimed tracks like ‘Lights’ and ‘Modern Chemistry’ – while we patiently await the arrival of her new album ‘Hot Sass’ which is set to be released September 3rd.


The track’s muted count-in leads into a synth-filled intro that is wonderfully accentuated by wispy undertones that illuminate the background. Even with its introduction, ‘Getting Closer’ displays Cooper’s ability to make her songs a place of comfort and solace for many of her listeners, like she has done since the beginning of her career. These wispy and droning undertones seem to tie the song together, their presence throughout the track being nothing short of ethereal.


These wispy sounds are just a precursor for Liz Cooper’s airy vocals that spread their serenity throughout the track, beautifully meandering around the quarter-noted synths of the verse and chorus – quite reminiscent of a young Kate Bush! This is only heightened by the lyrics, seemingly about aging, as they cast beautiful imagery into the minds of listeners, “Like a photograph laughing / taping up the tales”. Cooper shared on Instagram that this song was written by her and her friend Michael Nau “in the thick of a midday rainstorm in the woods”; that explains its heartfelt vibe!


To shy away from the airy, subtle sounds, the pre-bridge features a heavily distorted and fuzzy guitar. Whilst this is somewhat different from the rest of the song, it still finds a way to fit in the pocket of the track; not overdoing itself by ensuring its briefness. 


Incidentally, it is this surprising feel that further fuels our excitement to hear her new album, ‘Hot Sass’.


Dillon Walsh


Image: Liz Cooper’s ‘Hot Sass’ Official Album Art                

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