Wednesday, August 04, 2021

LYONS Are Back With Impressive New Single, ‘honeydripper’

The rockers originating from Detroit, Michigan have delivered once again. After already achieving some successes from their previous releases this year, the 3-piece have gone one step further with the release of ‘honeydripper’. 

Inspired by old-school blues, rock’n’roll and funk, LYONS have a unique sound that pays homage to the previous eras of rock music whilst also including a tinge of modernism. With all members below the age of 20, the band are young in their years. 

However, their talent must not be underestimated. Don't write them off just yet because, as they have demonstrated, their music knowledge is impeccable and the deliverance of their art has been exceptional.


Their most recent release, 'honeydripper’, embodies everything that LYONS stand for. The track begins with a sample of what sounds like a 1940s big band which is then quickly interrupted by their signature, rock’n’roll sound. The guitar tones are heavy and impactful, and the drive and distortion are reminiscent of music from the Arctic Monkeys. 

When played in unison with the bass and drums, the song comes to life. However, the most notable parts of the song are the vocals which sit at the centre of the mix and follow the instrumental rhythms perfectly. The sound of the vocals and how they have been mixed have an uncanny resemblance to the vocals of Marc Bolan, the iconic lead-singer of British rock band, T-Rex. The vocals within ‘honeydripper’ also create a nostalgic feel to the track, producing an overall pleasurable experience for the listener.


LYONS have created a single that cannot be pinpointed into one specific genre. ‘Honeydripper’ appeals to a variety of old-school rock fans, but also to the fanbase of the modern-day, indie-rock wave, reinforcing the narrative that they have taken elements of the past and moulded it into something new. ‘Honeydripper’ is a phenomenal composition and LYONS should be very proud of what they achieved in their creation of it.


We look forward to what the future holds for these three, bright, talented musicians.

Charles Scarrott


Image: LYONS Official ‘honeydripper’ Track Artwork (PRESS)


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