Thursday, August 05, 2021

Alt Rock with a Danish Twist - New Single from Dear Amber Packs a Punch

Copenhagen band Dear Amber have released a new single 'The End of Us' ahead of their debut EP release scheduled for later this month. 

If you are nostalgic for the moody 90s grunge rock days of Smashing Pumpkins but want a little something more, Dear Amber should be your new left-field listen. 

With a distinct and intriguing take on alternative rock, the new single ‘The End of Us’ is a hard-hitting taster of a band with what they proudly own as a truly thoughtful “artist vision” and a desire to reclaim a sound and style that so many music fans are fond of. 

Forming in 2019, Dear Amber are self-proclaimed fans of the ‘classic 90s sound’ and the influence is palpable. With only a few singles under their belt so far, Dear Amber have already carved out a clear and precise sound that is reminiscent of 90s Emo Rock but with a punchier sound that balances out the moodiness nicely.  The band steer away from potentially sounding too reliant on genre staples by bringing their own sensibilities into the mix with less typical structures and melodies. 

This latest release ‘The End of Us’ has all the hallmarks of a 90s style alt rock jam - clear, dark but catchy lyrics, punctuated snappy drum hits, cracking guitar lines, aided by Dear Amber’s fresh spin on things. Well judged builds and changes throughout the track allow the band to leave their mark, bringing classic alt rock into this decade. Certainly members Ronni Jørgensen, Rasmus Schou, Kenneth Juul Larsen, and Jan Ettrup-Mikkelsen appear to be masters of their instruments and blend effortlessly together to make a recognisable yet novel-feeling sound.

If ‘The End of Us’ is anything to go on, the debut EP should be a belter of a listen. 

Dear Amber’s debut EP ‘Sparks Equal Fall’ is due for release on 13th August.

Aoife McMahon 
Image: Single Artwork 

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