Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Listening Carefully to Luna Kat’s 'Anxiety'


New York/Aussie artist and all round talented performing supremo, Luna Kat has released her latest single, ‘Anxiety’, and is one that can be added to your playlist.

During her early years the artist lived between her native Australia, America and even residing in Shanghai for a while before residing in New York.

The lyrics to the song are written in a clever way and are a nod back to times of teenage youth and pretty much everything that went with it.

If anything, there are plenty of issues around struggles and strife and Luna Kat shamelessly goes right into it with any form of hesitation. If the background beats help create an edgy and somewhat moody atmosphere that carefully sums up the long-lost feeling of teenage adolescence

“Anxiety takes over me/Like a hailstorm unannounced crashing up my party"

When you listen carefully to the lyrics, they take the everyday struggles that went with those particular years of our life and personify them. There are even a couple of lines that come round every few moments or so which speak about how we, as growing individuals, would compare ourselves to our friends who we thought were doing better than ourselves.

‘Anxiety’ is one of those records where it talks so openly about the trials and tribulations of what it was like as we engaged in the battles of teenage youth, as well as the issues that we had to deal with emotionally and psychologically.

Throughout this song Luna does not shy away from the era of complex issues, if anything she wears her heart on her sleeve, and there are not many artists out there these days who do that. Lyrically, she does not mince her words and she says it like it is and without any hesitation.

Overall, as a songwriter and singer, this is a prime example of some who do not go down the teen-pop squeaky-clean route like so many that generation but rather stay true to themselves and write about stuff we all understand.

Judging by this song, we can look forward to even more stuff to come.


Adam Joel Humphreys


Image: 'Anxiety' Official Single artwork

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