Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Blaydek adds to consistently fresh and auspicious song arsenal with new track ‘Supermarché’

Chris Blaydes, or better known as Blaydek, is a solo Lo-fi pop artist from London. 

Though, he has proven his skillset is not limited to this one genre; demonstrating his talent and versatility through his powerful and often mesmerising catalogue of singles that include vintage fuzz, soundscapes that feel like water ripples, and even sea shanties! 

With his talent being allocated across a multitude of sounds and genres, it makes you wonder, what is his next track going to sound like?

Of course, however, there is never any question about whether it will sound great, and ‘Supermarché’ definitely doesn’t disappoint. Quite different to his last release, ‘Music For Listeners, Vol. 1’ which was compiled of three singles that closely resembled a piano and synth-filled fever dream, ‘Supermarché’ reintroduces Blaydes’ vocals in this fast-paced and punchy song which he claims is “about the abundance of everything at all times” – really epitomising the supermarket theme!


Striking you immediately in this song is how the dreamy guitar riff holds hands with the quick synth, which, with the simplistic bassline forms the holy trinity sound of this track; somewhat reminiscent of a ‘13’ era Blur. This is aided by Blaydes’ vocals that combine like the simple yet effective tone of Michael Stipe from R.E.M. with cockney infusions. Blaydek’s vocals are really what tie this single together as he switches between singing and spoken word, with the latter allowing the track to encapsulate that everyday supermarket feel.


At face value, ‘Supermarché’ is a song seemingly about nothing except everyday shopping; while that is obviously the foundation for it, the track itself can be seen as a borderline social commentary, with the phrase “How come everything’s got plastic on it?” acting as rhetoric that you don’t think of until someone asks it; yet it’s true, how come everything does have plastic on it?


Supermarché’, above all else, is a fun and casual track with a great, catchy hook with “Supermar, Supermar, Supermar, Supermarché” and most importantly, a great substitute for tomorrow’s shopping list!



Dillon Walsh

Image: Official Single Artwork

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