Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Colorfuzz releases new indie inspired album, ‘Digital Delays’

If you’re a fan of alternative/indie music, or spend your time listening to the likes of Tame Impala, this album is guaranteed to be a new favourite of yours. The new album, ‘Digital Delays’ consists of 10 tracks that are a mixture of upbeat, but also relaxing tunes, making it suitable for any situation or mood that you may be in. 

The record begins with ‘Taking the Chance’, which immediately sets a relaxing tone. The tune feels as if it would be perfectly suited at the end of a coming of age movie, where the main character is leaving their hometown and starting an exciting new life. 

As the album continues, you are able to hear refreshing tracks such as ‘Jesters’ and 'Shape Shifter’, which are most definitely some summery tunes. Colorfuzz has managed to evoke the season of summer, with what can only be described as good, relaxing vibes radiating from the tracks. 

As we arrive around halfway through the album, there is a slight change in mood with ‘The One That Got Away/In Memories’. In this track, there are no lyrics whatsoever, but it still remains a satisfying and almost emotional tune. The lack of lyrics will allow the listener to really interpret the song as they wish, and I think that is something that is not often seen in mainstream music but is amazing for the minds of particularly creative listeners. 

The album concludes with ‘Me, Myself, And I’, which feels almost nostalgic and serves as the perfect ending for this collection of brilliant tracks.

This album is not only filled with purely amazing tracks but will fill you with feelings of comforting nostalgia and pure joy. With the release of ‘Digital Delays’, Colorfuzz is definitely one to watch within the music scene. 

Connie Burke


Image: Colorfuzz ‘Digital Delays’ Official cover art

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