Sunday, August 01, 2021

'Grounded Truth' – a great accompaniment to an unrestricted summer

John Power is an incredibly versatile musician, previously working as the bassist and backing vocalist for The La’s; a band that brought classics such as ‘There She Goes’ and ‘Feelin’. 

He was also the frontman for the 90s indie rock band, Cast. The La’s briefly reformed in 2005 but consequently split up without releasing any new material. Following that, Cast reformed in 2010, releasing the album ‘Troubled Times’ in March 2012 and ‘Kicking up in Dust’ in 2017. 

After that, Power shifted his attention to his solo career and now, in 2021 he’s back with a new track, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

‘Grounded Truth’ is a hopeful track that feels very reflective of the past year and is the perfect backdrop for the UK starting to open up again, after a year of restrictions and lockdowns. 

Powers’ new track is a great accompaniment to hopefully, a less restricted summer than last year. It gives off a real rustic vibe and it does what it sets out to do, incredibly well. 

The acoustic guitar helps to give it that Simon and Garfunkel sound that’s become synonymous with the indie genre, while the vocals help to make it sound inherently British. It would be great played alongside a roaring campfire, a good drink and even better company. It’s a great song for those winding-down late-night summer antics.  

‘Grounded Truth’ is a great track that leaves a lasting impression. It’s one of those songs you listen to with family and friends at the end of the night, as the festivities have begun to die down. John Powers’ is an incredibly established artist who has consistently displayed his talents throughout the past 30 years and it’s always a delight to hear one of his tracks. ‘Grounded Truth’ can now be added to his list of incredible works. 


Liam Russell

Image: Sonic PR

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