Monday, August 02, 2021

Bloxx generate hype for new EP with latest release, ‘Magnet’

Bloxx have released new single ‘Magnet’ alongside an extremely exciting EP announcement. The West London-formed four-piece band made up of Fee Booth, Taz Shidu, Paul Raubiškis, and Joe Kinton revealed that a new EP is coming August 13th .

Having already released the first track from the EP back in March 2021 (‘Everything I Ever Learned’), ‘Magnet’ takes a more laid-back, edgy approach whilst maintaining their relatability with personal lyrics.


This is their second release since the success of their debut album ‘Lie Out Loud’ in August 2020 and it echoes a similar indie-punk sound. The heavy bass brings listeners into the track with a head-banging riff. This, coupled with the distorted guitar hook, creates the ultimate intro to the track and the EP itself, which will consist of four songs.


With ‘Magnet’, Bloxx continue to prove that they can write powerful choruses that are perfect for a mosh pit. Through the catchy melody, this latest track explores the idea of opposites attract, as Booth sings in the simple yet effective chorus, “you’re like a magnet / you pull us apart”. These lyrics show the way people can be pulled apart but still ultimately come back together because they are “magnets”. The rest of the lyrics lean deeper into this idea of opposites attracting as in the first verse where Booth sings “I’m thinking I’m getting over you when I come back around”, showing the common push and pull of an on and off relationship.


‘Pop Culture Radio’, their new EP, is coming out August 13th. The band themselves have confirmed that you should definitely be excited for this release as they tweeted, “this EP is the best thing I’ve ever written. Period.”


Robyn Hill

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Image Credit - Pop Culture Radio Official EP Artwork


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