Sunday, August 01, 2021

Irish Indie-Pop Sensation Somebody’s Child Returns With ‘CRAZY’

it's safe to say that Somebody's Child (real name Cian Godfrey) has come a long way since first arriving on the Irish indie scene. His fantastic debut single 'Make You Alright' was fresh, simplistic, and unique, and ever since its release, Godfrey has been in a state of constant evolution, with every new track improving upon the last. Continuing this trend, the young Dubliner has gifted fans a new single titled 'CRAZY' and, needless to say, it is outstanding.

His most recent release sees Godfrey delve into a realm of more experimentation regarding instrumentation. A far cry from 'Make You Alright''CRAZY’ is not simplistic and features multiple elements that progressively enter the track to create an overall dynamic, swinging, indie-pop record.

The track's introduction features a jaunty guitar melody that pans from the left to right ear, creating a profound sense of movement. Light distortion, created by the amp, helps the guitar to inject a subtle sense of attitude. This is taken further by the light static also generated by the amp, which contributes to a sound that is sonically more analogue.

As the drums commence, we hear a kick and snare pattern that becomes centred as the guitar continues to pan from one ear to the other. The kick is punchy, but the snare is muted and sits behind the vocals, allowing Godfrey's voice to shine. As we progress to the 8-bar mark, the hi-hats enter. These are ingenious. While some stay on beat, other hats land off-beat, creating an infectious swing. Furthermore, some of the hats are hard-panned to the right, making the listener more aware of the stereo width.

At the same 8-bar mark where the hi-hats enter, the bass guitar also begins. Similar to the kick, snare, and vocals, the bass remains centred. The riff is simple but full of quirky slides which go up and down, landing satisfyingly back on the beats.

As we progress on towards the chorus section of the track, a Rhodes electric piano enters. Its delicate hanging chords sit behind the vocals as Godfrey sings, "How'd you know if you are going crazy? / I always found it best to play the fool / And I think that I've found it hardest lately / But maybe it’s the fact I'm missing you". The chorus also sees shakers enter the track, subtly livening up its groove.

Although not complex, the lyrics on this song are delivered clearly, and feature gems such as "They say that you're the average of your friends / But I was never good at maths so I can't tell". Lyrically, the track most definitely delivers.

Overall, 'CRAZY' is a solid release from Somebody's Child. He continues to outdo himself. Hopefully, a full album from the Irishman is in our near future.

But for now, we can enjoy 'CRAZY', which is available to stream across all platforms.


Isaac Semple


Image Link: Crazy | Somebody's Child ( (Official Single Artwork)


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