Wednesday, August 11, 2021

FINNEAS stumble-dances round an empty Hollywood Bowl in his new single ‘A Concert Six Months From Now’

He may be best known for being Billie Eilish’s brother and collaborator, but FINNEAS is also a force in his own right. His past releases, most notably the 2019 EP ‘Blood Harmony’, have always combined sharp lyricism with a carefully crafted sound, and this new single is no exception.

As a taster from his upcoming debut album, ‘Optimist’, Finneas has dropped his new music video for latest single, ‘A Concert Six Months From Now’.

The track is an exploration of hope, concerning that of a love interest and also from the perspective of a music artist living in COVID times.

The track opens with rhythmic guitar strums and a close-up of FINNEAS’ profile. Applause rises as he steps out onto the stage of LA’s Hollywood Bowl, and then the camera pans round to reveal an empty amphitheatre.


The ‘optimism’ of the track is immediately apparent from its opening lyrics, “Your favourite band is back on the road / I’ve already purchased two seats for their show.”, and his expressive movements around the empty concert venue add a sense of genuine emotional investment in the subject matter. Both the actualisation of the relationship and the future of live performance feel just out of reach.


The dual meaning for a romantic relationship and the creation and sharing of music in recent times is very effective. Both his feelings about his ex and an exploration of the personal impact music can have on people are evident in the line, “2011, you stole my heart here / And I couldn’t listen to that band for years.”


Although muted strumming accompanies most of the track, the ghostly applause begins to rise again around the middle mark, giving way to a punkier, rockier beat. It’s the emotional climax of the song and video, with FINNEAS jumping expressively down the deserted audience walkway while sparks explode around him. The animation of his body language throughout the video really carries us through his exploration of the arena; it’s a bodily interpretation of the song that adds to its emotional heft.


“I’ll go hungry and crazy and honest for you” feels like a double address, both to his love interest and from the artist to their audience. The lights go up as he walks along an empty row of seats, sitting down as he sings straight to the camera, “can I take you out to a concert six months from now?”.


Overall, the track and video feel like an engaging exploration of the effects of the past year, symbolized by FINNEAS’ literal exploration of the empty venue. It begins and ends on a slow, perhaps uncertain but definitely hopeful note.


‘Optimist’ is out on October 15th. We can’t wait to hear more of what he’s been working on!

Eleanor Burleigh 


Image – ‘A Concert Six Months From Now’ Official Single Cover Art

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