Friday, July 30, 2021

The Night Alone - Taking our breath away with their debut single

‘Took My Breath Away’ sits atop a tightrope balancing between rock and synth-wave.  The culmination is a stellar track that harmonises well as a summer song.

It’s got that late afternoon barbecue vibe to it, so much so you can almost smell it.

It’s got a real nostalgic ‘80s feel, ripped jeans, leg warmers, neon colours, and all the bells and whistles.

Despite the tracks’ clear ‘80s aura, it still manages to feel fresh. This is all thanks to the rhythmic pattern, the slight distortion on the guitar during the solo, and of course; the catchy chorus. 

It’s a track that details a meaningful relationship with someone, almost as if they took the artist's breath away, go figure. The vocals help with this foundation, though soft, they don’t lack the needed punch, paired with the chorus, it’s certainly a track that’ll be stuck in your head for a while to come.

The track feels very tight overall, it utilises the four on the floor rhythmic pattern, which helps to highlight the more dance and synth-wave tones as well as make the track sound upbeat and generally happy. It does well to not sound too much like a dance track and maintains its 80’s origins superbly, it’s got all the makings of a summer hit, with a refreshing 80s aftertaste. The added synth-wave tones give the track the modern flavour that makes it so well.  It's a pleasant surprise to see an artist utilise synth-wave, a genre that isn’t widely covered; especially in a unique way.

This is The Night Alone’s debut single, and it’s an impressive start. ‘Took My Breath Away' is an upbeat, catchy track that takes an older genre and rejuvenates it in an incredibly superlative manner and the final product is something that feels nostalgic yet new at the same time. The Night Alone has certainly managed to take our breath away. 

Liam Russell

Image: Provided by PR

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