Friday, July 30, 2021

Terror Cult release their politically-charged anthem ‘Snubnose Jesus’

Terror Cult’s newest single, ‘Snubnose Jesus’, has put them in the indie limelight.

The Leeds-based band show their talent for indie-rock songwriting with the guitar-driven release, demonstrating how they are strong competitors to be looked out for on the local music scene.


Having only formed the band last year, the release is a strong start from the boys. There are elements of all the classic indie bands in there, from the 1970s Buzzcocks, to modern-day Catfish And The Bottlemen. However, what sets Terror Cult aside from other indie rockers is their punk edge that cuts through.


Following in true punk footsteps, Terror Cult are tackling the important issues that are at the forefront of our generation. ‘Snubnose Jesus’ talks about the frustrating subject of gun violence, and the ongoing mental health epidemic. Whilst both are sensitive and sometimes controversial topics, Terror Cult have taken it upon themselves to speak up for those who can’t. With lyrics like “revolutions never been so much fun”, it’s obvious that Terror Cult are here to make a statement, unafraid to put themselves in the centre of important conversations.


The track immediately grabs the listener’s attention, demanding to be heard with its striking guitars and drums you can already see the audience headbanging to.


Tha track also isn’t without some much needed creative variation; the crowd-chanting “hey!” played over the guitar riff gives a great indication as to what a live show might sound like. It also helps to break up the structure of the song before placing us right back in the chorus for some more passionate vocals from lead singer Tate Maloney.


‘Snubnose Jesus’ has set a high standard for Terror Cult’s self-titled EP due for release at the end of summer. Hopefully it will be full of more electric guitars, powerful vocals, and a range of other diverse topics to be discussed through their music.

Rachel Feehan



Image: Provided by Band

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