Friday, July 30, 2021

Bones In Butter Bring Contagious Chaos With New Single ‘They Live’

Prepare yourself for the chaotic new single brought to you from the post-punk band, Bones In Butter. Led by Milutin Krasevic, the band are a six-member Belgrade-based collective, specializing in alternative music. 

With years of touring and performing history behind each member, Bones In Butter is a concoction of pure talent, authenticity, and passion. 

They Live’ is an explosive two-and-a-half-minute track, spilling over with raw and defiant energy.

 Bones In Butter have skipped the now almost-trendy song structure of a long drawn-out introduction that eventually builds into a crescendo. Instead, they prefer to get straight to the point, letting listeners immediately know that they are in for a dynamic, lively performance; the opening electrifying guitar riff instantly sets the tone for the rest of the song, acting as a warning that things are only going to get more manic. 


As the song develops, each musician’s natural talent begins to truly shine through. The clever layering of the rhythmic, chugging guitar paired with the melodically-charged inflections create a powerful, punchy instrumental, resulting in an infectious energy that is impossible to ignore. Not only does this entice the listener, but it perfectly compliments the gritty, rough vocals that repeatedly ask “What are you confused about?”. 

The lyrics add to this tense atmosphere, “Oh God, I hope I’ll be ready in time / Oh god, I hope I can deal with this mess”. Combined with the fast guitars, and intense drums, the song sounds like it could soundtrack a hectic action film, as the characters try to fight against their impending doom.  

Following the release of the 7-track EP, ‘Love Or Fear’, released in May 2020, ‘They Live’ is a further extension of the band’s natural talent for creating post-punk anthems. It’s got everything a post-punk song requires: unapologetically fierce instrumentation, bold vocals, and attitude.  

Rachel Feehan

@rachiefee @rachel_feehan

IMAGE: Bones In Butter ‘They Live’ Official Artwork

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