Thursday, July 15, 2021

the dirt luck soar with new pop-rock single ‘i’m trying’

Aptly named, 'i'm trying' is the latest single by pop-rock duo, the dirt luck (a band which consists of John Hale and Dan Douglass). 

It is extremely polished and slick in sound and is undeniably pop-rock at its best. 

The lyrics themselves are light-hearted, a jest at life and the song itself sounds like the perfect summer tune about unforgettable memories and experiences. 

The song claims “long nights and alcohol never seemed to slow me down” and provides a reflection from the band on some good times they've shared, encouraging the listeners to experience these times with them. 

The vocals are very Blink-182, the style screams Weezer and the guitar has a hint of The Strokes running through its veins.

Despite the nature of the lyrics, the guitars hit hard from the outset. From the get go, it hits the listener with some sensational heavy guitar and blasts you back to the days of yesteryear when pop-rock and pop-punk were truly at their height. It transports you back to those better times, to an era when guitar was extremely prominent. Alongside those strums, the song is carried by some exquisite drum work as the cymbals clash cheerily along to add to the feel of the song. Not to mention, the drums seamlessly complement the tone of the single.


Some of the highlights of the single are the various solos littered throughout. The song ends on a high with the guitar clashing against the drums and ends in a crescendo that pretty much begs you to play the song on repeat again.


“I just wanna wake you up /  just to see what you do”; that's the song in a nutshell. Playful in nature, the lovable scamp that you can't help but adore. With its easy listening experience and stylish instrumental work, this song is most definitely one to be played over the rest of the summer, so add it to your playlists now!


Charlie Gregory


Image: Official Single Artwork


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