Wednesday, July 14, 2021

IDLES deliver grungy soundtrack to latest DC Comics' release

IDLES have ventured into movie soundtrack terrain with the sensational track ‘Sodium’, which will be featured on DC Comics’ ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ soundtrack.

From making original music to recent covers in tribute to Gang of Four, the band has, indeed, further expanded their collaborative reach recently.

The Bristol rockers’ contribution to this project reveals a side of themselves that promises the band is seeking opportunities to flex their creative muscles, and are willing to test their signature sound in new contexts.

‘Sodium’ gives us a version of Joe Talbot that isn’t as “shouty” as we’re used to (even the cover art of Damaged Goods is the same) and perhaps that is the point. The track is a testament to their grunge influences, with a heavy, almost tar-drenched bassline, but also features a slight electronic accompaniment. The song opens with an electronic drum beat accompanied by the bass, which sets a rather sinister mood. The pace of the song is slow and sections creep up on you steadily.

The track paints a picture of a slightly dystopian, dark landscape, and could truly accompany any film adaptation of the series as well. The track ends with an interesting build-up of distorted overlayed guitars.

As IDLES have proven in this latest release that they know how to pay tribute to their direct musical influences, it is fascinating to see that they can produce thematic music content derived from visual inspiration as well. They have also proven their ability to produce fantastic music that matches an aesthetic brief successfully. I hope that someday we may see a full soundtrack for a grungy, dystopian sci-fi film by the band, or perhaps even a concept album!


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