Thursday, July 15, 2021

Cloudy Summer Day’s creates an Irresistible Soundtrack of Love and Loss on album ‘Slow Dance’

Slow Dance’ is the debut album from independent artist Cloudy Summer Days. A one man phenomenon, Cloudy Summer Days writes, produces and performs all of his tracks by himself in the comfort of his own bedroom. His fantastic debut is a concept album about breaking free of shackles placed by himself as he tries to enjoy his final moments here on earth; but by the end of the album he is too late.

The Los Angeles born and raised artists creates a soundtrack to summer despite the lyricism delving into melancholic yet hopeful verses to keep us wanting more. Making music is his way of therapy and being honest with himself and with a full listen of the album a rollercoaster of emotions are felt.

In the opening track ‘Remember’ we are treated to a stunning instrumental by the talented Cloudy Summer Days, with guitar riffs and echoing drums resembling that of The Drums. 

This surf rock percussion beat is continued and blends nicely into the next track ‘This Moment. Accompanying this rich melody are the nostalgia laced lyrics “For the feelings that still haunt me/I rid them free from my body/ Because I wish this night would never end/”.

The album follows themes of love that is so all-consuming, it takes you body and soul, with tracks like ‘I’ll Be by your Side’ where he begs the other to run away as he is their way out. The brilliance of this album is in the story, it instantly grips the attention of the listener, we want to hear this love story which is being brought to us on a backdrop of upbeat snares, synth-keys, and crisp electric guitar riffs.

Cloudy Summer Days, opened up about his influences, among them being Joy Division, New Order Slowdive and The Cure. Elements of each band can be heard on this album, but with his own elements and masterful songwriting layered on top. He also explained how the album as recorded entirely in his bedroom, with the exception of some songs being written in his car when he would drive to the beach.

The album’s title track ‘Slow Dance,’ is so effortlessly beautiful in its composition and production. With echoing vocals that seem to be calling out to someone.  The lyrics “Take my hand/ Hold me / Close don’t let go / hold yourself / Lets slow dance” are repeated and build creating an explosive feeling and is a personal favourite on the album.

A melancholic wave comes to end the story, the final track ‘Should have Stayed’ breaks your heart in 3 minutes and 16 seconds. Opening with orchestral strings, and a somber, tenor vocal “I should stay with you / cold lonely nights, to see your face/” At this moment the realisation that his last few moments on earth were enjoyed but time has eventually ran out, is unfathomable following how we were hooked from the initial track ‘Remember’.

Cloudy Summer Days has made his mark with his debut release, truly a revitalisation of sounds from the alternative/post-punk era of the 80s and 90s. given the album was recorded entirely in a bedroom, listeners will be impressed beyond belief and will be begging for more from the Californian singer-songwriter.

Niamh Boorman


Image: Slow Dance Official Album Artwork


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