Friday, July 02, 2021

Red Rum Club tease us with new single ‘Nightcalling’ ahead of the release of their new album ‘How To Steal The World’

Red Rum Club have provided us with two outstanding albums over the past two years, ‘Matador’ and ‘The Hollow Of Humdrum’, giving us a taste of who they are as musicians. 

The Liverpudlian ensemble have taken the powerful guitar riffs and punchy drumbeats characteristic of indie music and added a beautiful Americana layer to them, building a distinctive sound that ensures they stand out amongst the crowd.

Their new single ‘Nightcalling’ builds on this Scouse-Americana fusion and includes disco and funky percussion beats. The trumpet has always been a stand-out element of the band’s previous releases, and this new track is no exception. It adds depth to the sound and creates a beautifully rich piece of music. ‘Nightcalling’ is a head-bopping song, and it makes the prospect of going to one of their gigs even more exciting.


Judging by this track, we are in for an album jam-packed with brilliantly composed music that explores a wide emotional range. Red Rum Club’s third record ‘How To Steal The World’ is due for release via Modern Sky in October 2021, so mark your diaries now!


The band have confirmed a 12-track listing for the album:


  1. ‘Drown’
  2. ‘Love Me Like You Wanna Be loved’
  3. ‘Vibrate’
  4. ‘Summer of Another Lover’
  5. ‘Nightcalling’
  6. ‘Eighteen’
  7. ‘How To Steal the World’
  8. ‘Sweet Degrees’
  9. ‘Come Back, Anna Marie!’
  10. ‘Disappear’
  11. ‘Monaco’
  12. ‘Beautiful Mind’


Judging by these song titles, we are in for a wild ride. It looks as if the record will explore all things love-related, romance, heartache, and just general fun.


Keep an eye out for Red Rum Club touring near you – they’re not one to miss!



Catherine Frediani


Image: Red Rum Club by @mariekemacklon 

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