Saturday, July 03, 2021

Happy Animal’s debut single ‘Autumn Shade’ - the masterpiece born out of lockdown

Up and coming artist, Happy Anima,l have released their debut single ‘Autumn Shade’ and it’s the anthem for all the alternative garage-rock fans out there.  


The instruments used, especially the force of the electric guitar, is loud and prominent which almost overpowers the vocals with this style of raw, unfiltered sound; it's exactly what the artist was aiming for. 

They are bringing a sound back to rock music that feels edgy and punk-like; it’s a song that would resonate with fans of legendary bands like Linkin Park or Foo Fighters because of the undeniable similarity in their musical styles.


 The whole attitude of this single sets the tone that the band are keen to continue in, that is the ‘take it or leave it’ demographic. The song is unconventional and undoubtedly imperfect but in a society of polished and pampered, it’s a song very much needed, especially in the world we are in now.  


‘Autumn Shade’ was developed and created out of total lockdown, almost a year of complete chaos and setback for the world. The hectic and verging-on-anarchic emotion is captured entirely in this song and sums up the immense frustration of everyone’s mind this past year.  What makes music like this special is the clear shying away from the safe style, the band has got a clear distinction to their sound and it’s refreshing to hear something so unexpected.

This song really brings you out of your head, when you listen it’s almost like you forget your surroundings and really fall into the music. It’s an incredible talent to be able to capture this kind of sensation with a few vocals and strums of the guitar.


It’s a perfect start for Happy Animal to establish their sound and put themselves out there for rock lovers to enjoy. After such a positive reaction, we’re sure to hear more stuff from them soon. 


Anna Scrimgeour 


Image: ‘Autumn Shade’ Official Single Artwork  


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