Friday, July 02, 2021

Go down ‘Memory Lane’ with Ellis Jones’ nostalgic sophomore track

There are some sounds that feel inherently familiar, like a distant yet happy memory that occasionally peaks out from the subconscious. 

Ellis Jones’ ‘Memory Lane’ is one such track, and not just because of its nostalgic title. Intending to bottle up that summery feeling of delicious languor, ‘Memory Lane’ is a perfect example of this up-and-coming songwriter’s craft and musical intentions – to create a feeling of warm ambience and laid-back good times.

Over the past three years, Bristol-based Jones has been honing his writing skills and performing at multiple venues, officially releasing his harmony-filled debut track ‘Wander’ this past March. 

Influenced by the likes of Hozier, Jacob Collier and James Blake, Jones’s music is profoundly atmospheric – saturated in a deep nostalgia, narrative colour and friendly familiarity that makes it a joy to listen to. Like ‘Wander’, Jones’ follow-up track ‘Memory Lane’ explores themes of remembrance, sentimentality and shared experiences, setting them among lush melodies and summer-perfect beats.


As the first mellow chord reaches the ear, we are ushered into a hazy atmosphere of gentle reminiscence, underlined by distant, warm synths, crystalline surf-y guitars and Jones’ resonant baritone. Gaining colour and dynamism as it gradually unfolds, the track climbs its way to a groovy guitar solo that contrasts with a reflective, semi-acoustic bridge section, eventually arriving at a full-fledged explosion of sound during the final chorus, concluding this journey down memory lane. Although Jones croons “you don’t know me yet”, we can’t help but think that we do – enamoured by the unshakable feeling of comforting familiarity that this track elicits.


Like sinking into a warm bath or surrendering to the caressing rays of the summer sun, ‘Memory Lane’ envelops you in its radiant glow, filling both body and mind with tenderness and quiet peace.



Liza Kupreeva


Image: Benjamin Sharp

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