Friday, July 23, 2021

‘Rae Street’ becomes the first single off Courtney Barnett’s newest album, ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’

Ever since her musical debut in 2012, Courtney Barnett has been known for her impassive, poker-faced vocals and sharp lyrics. 

Her single, ‘Rae Street’, is fresh off of her newest album ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’, and upon first listen, it sounds like a simple observation of a suburban street and its lifecycles, presumably prompting the title – ‘Rae Street’

She effortlessly sings along about garbage trucks and parents teaching children to ride their bikes, while the accompanying music video shows Courtney comically taking on each of her characters’ roles.

With its relaxed beat and simple lyrics, this song adds romance to everyday life. As a true-to-life depiction that everyone can relate to, this track is the perfect example of less-is-more in that some of the best things are hidden in the most obvious places. Barnett has looked at a regular day at home and turned it into something seemingly desirable. 


‘Rae Street’ was created in the midst of lockdown which is where this simplicity was born. I’m sure that even on some of the best days of the pandemic many of us have found ourselves looking out of the windows at the world just for some distraction from Netflix, and I imagine we all felt the sentiments expressed in this song. “Time is money/ And money is no man’s friend,” is the perfect bridge for a tune like this; it’s a lyric that’s not only scarily accurate but remains a relatable feeling for all of us. 


This single makes the everyman lifestyle sound like the dream. Nowadays, when everyone is fed the lives of others through social media and glamourous photos, ‘Rae Street’ is the perfect reminder to enjoy the little things.  




Anna Scrimgeour 


Image: ‘Rae Street’ Official Single Artwork 


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