Friday, July 23, 2021

Enter The Dream Realm with ESHKA’s Debut Single

Midlands-based duo ESHKA have released their debut single ‘Dream Cloud’ as part of their upcoming EP.

The musical minds behind ESHKA are no strangers to the scene - before forming in 2020, both Jess Webberley and Richard Wilson had their own solo projects, Graywave and EGO DIVE respectively.

The sounds created by ESHKA are an amalgamation of the two, with ‘Dream Cloud’ being a perfect example of what collaborating can achieve.  

"ESHKA began as song ideas exchanged online. The project evolved and became more collaborative as we found ourselves living together, and is now at a point where we are ready to share what we have been working on”, the duo stated in a recent tweet.

The track features stripped-back drums, euphonic bass lines, and wavy synth beats that closely resemble the constellations. Hidden under a haze of distortion are magnetizing vocals which echo throughout like a distant memory. The harmonizing between Jess Webberley and Richard Wilson is intoxicating as they utter the words: “the sky is so freeing/ time and space has lost its place”. 

‘Dream Cloud’ reaches a cosmic crescendo during the chorus, with each element amped up for full effect. We have reached the climax of the dream world; it’s idyllic and vibrant, yet foreboding. Abruptly, the track comes to a stop, like a cassette that’s run out of tape. Dreams can only last so long before consciousness sweeps in. 

According to ESHKA, the song is about “escaping the hum-drum day to day life and entering the dream world. It’s about letting go of the pressures of modern life and simply existing. The whole song is supposed to feel like a dream, with the ending almost being a wake-up call”.

Inspired by the essence of Portishead and Massive Attack, ESHKA’s ‘Dream Cloud’ is an electrifying, yet the tranquil landscape of what happens when we simply close our eyes and enter the realm of boundless imagination. 

Náoimí Smyth
Image: ESHKA Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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