Friday, July 23, 2021

Foxglove blossom on shiny summer anthem ‘Birthday’

A self-described “euphoric indie-pop band”, Foxglove have been making waves since 2019, when they released their first single ‘Car Radio’.

The Mancunian quartet consists of friends Abi White, Ryan Croney, Liam Croney, and Joe Myers. Fresh from competing in Bandzai’s ‘Battle of the Bands’, they have built up a dynamic discography that boasts sparkly synth-laden dance tunes and indie-rock bangers infused with vibrant basslines.

Foxglove’s new single ‘Birthday’ bursts forward with glittering guitars and a formidable chorus. It’s likely to send any crowd into a moshing frenzy.

Birthday’ invites listeners on a shimmering sonic journey.

 A jangly, The 1975-esque riff introduces the song before the listener is thrown into its thrashing guitars and thunderous drumming. The rolling drums then erupt into an anthemic chorus where lead singer Abi White exclaims, “I’ve seen myself in him before”. Coupled with the single’s artwork, which shows the band’s childhood photographs, ‘Birthday’ is a track that brims with nostalgia.

White sneers, “are you trying so hard to look like you’re playing it cool? […] it’s easy to see right through” with defiance. Her powerful vocals are reminiscent of HAIM, while the exhilarating instrumentation recalls Sonic Youth. Foxglove have previously, however, cited Sundara Karma and Sam Fender as their major influences.

The ambient instrumentals towards the end of the track glide smoothly beneath White’s breathy, reverbed vocals before the glorious final chorus kickstarts again. With ‘Birthday’, Foxglove have really managed to encapsulate the euphoria and optimism of summer. Having already cultivated a dedicated following in Manchester, it will be exciting to see where they go from here!

If you can’t wait to hear their sizzling summer anthem live, the band are scheduled to play Warrington’s RivFest on the 7th of August as well as Manchester’s Hatch on the 23rd of September, The Bread Shed on the 14th of October, and Off The Square on the 30th of October.



Sarah Taylor


Image: Foxglove ‘Birthday’ Official Single Artwork

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