Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Let's take a deep breath and ‘Inhaler’ this new album

The anticipation is finally over as Inhaler’s debut album, ‘It Won’t Always Be LikeThis’, was released on the 9thof July. 

The Irish band, consisting of Elijah, Robert, Josh, and Ryan, have been working on their album for quite some time now but due to recent lockdowns and the entire pandemic as a whole, there was quite a delay for the album release. 

Nonetheless, high demand meant that the band brought their album out earlier than originally planned. After the year and a half we have all had, it’s great to finally hear some new music – especially from the Inhaler lads.

Starting off the album is the track ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’. Originally released in 2019, the band decided to re-record the track with a revamped sound, making it clearer and slightly more grown-up. It is a great song to start off the album, bringing out good vibes and acting as a great summer track.


Also released in 2019, ‘My Honest Face’ is the next song on the album. The band decided not to re-record this track because if it’s not broken, why fix it? This was the very first Inhaler song I ever knew and it definitely deserves a place on this album. If anyone wants to get into Inhaler, I will always recommend this song first as it has a bit of everything for everyone.


The next song, ‘Slide Out The Window’,also gives summer, chilled vibes. This track takes a different turn from any of Inhaler's previous stuff, so it is refreshing to hear a variety in sound.


Back in March 2021, we were given ‘Cheer Up Baby’ which people, like myself, had already been waiting for as the lads had performed this on their tour before the pandemic hit. It is so great to finally hear the studio version of this song and it is ten times better than I thought it would be. Again, this is such a feel-good track and definitely a good song for gigs. 


‘A Night On The Floor’ is another song bringing a different approach to the album and the first slowed down song we hear. This song, to me, sounds original and nothing like I have ever heard before. 


Another song I had been waiting for the studio version of is the next track; ‘My King Will Be Kind’The studio version doesn’t disappoint and is everything I expected to hear and more. I cannot wait to hear this live again and hope it is still put on the setlist for upcoming gigs. It is such a powerful track and one you can scream to at the top of your lungs.


‘When It Breaks’ is probably the heaviest track on this album and one track that I will never turn over if it comes on shuffle. The vocals on this are incredible as well as the instruments and the entire production. There is nothing bad to say about this track.


Another feel good song is ‘Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)’, which was also performed live before the studio version. Again, it has a unique sound compared to the rest of the songs on the album which adds to the listening experience.


Summer tune ‘Totally’ was the last single to be released before the album dropped and is really up there with one of my favourite songs off of the entire album. Needless to say, this song would also sound amazing played live.  


The second to last track on the album, ‘Strange Time To Be Alive’, is a nice interlude, breaking up from the last song on the album and showcasing how the last year and a half was a weird time to be alive. 


The final song ‘In My Sleep’, gives me Britpop vibes and you can tell throughout this song what kind of inspiration they have for their sound. It is definitely an ace song to finish off the album with.


The Inhaler boys have smashed it once again with this release. It is an album that is new and fresh whilst still keeping that indie rock sound and I would recommend it to everyone as it is the perfect record to be played on repeat. 


Shauna Grimmett


 Image Credit: Official Album Artwork

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