Saturday, July 03, 2021

Spacey Jane make a lush return with their latest track, 'Lots of Nothing'

The indie-pop quartet, Spacey Jane, have returned with a shiny new track, 'Lots of Nothing'. The title of their track is an absolute misnomer, given that the song reveals itself repeatedly, upon multiple listens in terms of theme, form, and lyrics. It feels natural to hit replay.'‘Lots of Nothing' is a kick of dopamine and feels too short!

Backed by a punchy bassline and drums, the electric guitars in this track carry a glittering quality – which is propelled by the moments that it is accompanied by an acoustic guitar during the chorus. Simultaneously intertwined with what seems like guitars being used to mimic the light drone of a synth, these layers of instruments turn the song into a perfect candidate for a summer anthem.


These descriptions are not a surprise to casual listeners of the band, especially since it has been easy to spot them featured across various indie or dream pop playlists across streaming sites. Although, for keener listeners, 'Lots of Nothing' signals a decisive shift in Spacey Jane’s musical realm.


Lyrically, 'Lots of Nothing' is unmistakably an ode to introspection, considering the possibilities of newer versions of yourself; “It’s about trying to accept all the parts of yourself / Good and bad / Before you are able to work on the person that you want to become” states frontman Caleb Harper. By contrast, Spacey Jane’s previous tracks, such as 'Booster Seat' and 'Straightfaced', tend to address the dilemmas of heartache and anxiety in relationships. The track is a balm for a bad mood and would be an absolute delight to be heard live! 

Somewhere between Glass Animals and Peach Pit, Spacey Jane has situated themselves as an upcoming group. Sonically, Spacey Jane are known for exploring mellow dream pop, and even lo-fi soundscapes.


Nevertheless, their latest track demonstrates that they are keen on creating their own sonic trademark, to prevent themselves from being filtered into a singular genre – which happens so often in our cyclical era of music.


'Lots of Nothing' song is a breath of fresh air, carrying a sense of hope, and possibly a new musical direction.




Image: Lots Of Nothing Official single artwork


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