Friday, July 09, 2021

Claire Rosinkranz Releases Upbeat, Indie-Pop EP, ‘6 Of A Billion’

Claire Rosinkranz has delivered yet again, with another incredible assortment of tracks. 

Featuring the recent singles ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Boy In A Billion’, Rosinkranz’s new EP ‘6 Of A Billion’ follows her 2020 debut, ‘BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd’, which found major success from the help of thousands of viral TikToks. 

At just 17, Rosinkranz is clearly channelling all her new teenage experiences into her music. 

From first love to heartbreak, the singer/ songwriter writes about how she is still figuring life out and the fact that “it’s only the beginning” for her. She is becoming the perfect icon for Gen-Z listeners everywhere, with her relatable and catchy lyrics giving her an edge amongst most current pop stars.

Throughout the EP, her distinct voice and indie-pop melodies appear to resemble the likes of Lorde, Lana Del Ray and fellow tik-tok phenomenon Benee, but Rosinkranz undoubtedly has a strong, personal sound of her own in everything she has released. The first song on the EP, ‘Hotel’, opens with a very upeat, fun tempo. Lyrically, the track throws listeners straight into Rosinkranz’s world, revealing her secret life of partying and “sneaking out the window on a Sunday night” to enjoy her teenage years.


There’s also a particular vulnerability to Rosinkranz’s music, with tracks such as ‘Fall Apart’ slowing the EP down slightly in the middle and really showing listeners the full capabilities of Rosinkranz’s vocal range. It is completely open and honest, with dreamy harmonies lifting the song to a whole other level.


Frankenstein’ comes later on the EP – a generally upbeat, catchy pop song that isn’t over-produced or over the top, as many pop records are nowadays. Whilst ‘Boy in a Billion’ and ‘Fall Apart’ depict feelings of love and misery after a break-up, ‘Frankenstein’ represents a build-up of all her frustrations towards boys. To avoid them altogether, she sings about putting together all her favourite qualities of a relationship, into the ideal love interest – something we all wish we could do every now and again.


Destined to become a favourite on the EP is ‘LAX’. With its soothing vocals and soft melody, the track is a calm closer to ‘6 Of A Billion’. Rosinkranz sings about people watching the “man who’s in a rush” and “the couple who make each other blush”, creating a range of characters for listeners to wonder about. The track feels full of metaphors about the paths people take in life, with lyrics such as “everybody’s going somewhere, no way of knowing”. It brings a depth to the song and the people she describes, as we’re reminded of the lives we know little about.


6 Of A Billion’ will no doubt become a huge success, with ‘Frankenstein’ alone already having surpassed more than 3 million streams. We expect Rosinkranz is one to keep your eye on, as it’s clear that the young singer has so much more to give.


Jade Matthews 


Image: Phoebe Neily

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