Thursday, July 08, 2021

The Islas reflect on past relationships in ‘The Absence of You’

Norwich indie alt-rock quartet The Islas have released their latest single ‘The Absence of You’. 

This is the band’s fifth single since they first started releasing music in 2019 and it will appear on their upcoming EP, titled ‘Oblivion’

The EP has been confirmed to have six tracks, and it is due in August of this year; however, a specific date has not yet been announced. 

‘The Absence of You’ was written about the break-up of a seven-year-long relationship. 

The lyrics are deeply personal, with touching and intimate details such as the track’s opening line “Norfolk breeze comes through my window”. These serve to provide further insight into lead vocalist Nathan Baverstock’s emotions at the time of writing the song. 


Despite the dark and emotive theme throughout the lyrics, the track still captures the positive energy of youth and summer through its nostalgic sound. It is a feel-good and upbeat slice of guitar-driven indie-pop with shimmering guitars throughout the verses and energetic drums which are introduced in the chorus. Its catchy melody is destined to be heard performed during the summer at an outdoor gig or festival. 


The influence of acts such as The Smiths, Two Door Cinema Club, and Sam Fender shine through on ‘The Absence of You’. It is expected that The Islas are to reach the same heights as their predecessors since they are being labelled by many as one of the UK’s most promising up-and-coming artists.


What is most impressive is that they currently have no manager, no PR campaign, and no label. As an unsigned and DIY band, they are succeeding in making their mark on the indie scene, with ‘The Absence of You’ having just been awarded the title Track Of The Week of BBC Introducing in Norfolk. It seems like it can only go up from here for The Islas.


Gemma Cockrell

Twitter: @gemma_Cockrell


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