Friday, July 09, 2021

Daniella Spadini Soars On Emotional Debut Single – ‘Part Of You’

The tale of missing a loved one is as old as time, yet not everyone can weave a story as beautiful as Californian native Daniella Spadini does on her debut track – ‘Part of You’. 

Opening with a reverbed guitar riff reminiscent of the smash summer hit of 2014 - ‘Waves’, we initially find a song drenched in sun, yet its understated sound and the introduction of Spadini takes it in an unexpected direction. 

Mellow drums and falsetto backing vocals allow the track to breathe and feel spacious, which enables the talent of the Californian native to soar over the music and create an evocative feeling of love and loss throughout the three-minute run time. 

The standout aspect of ‘Part of You’ lies clearly in the incredibly haunting vocal performance from the singer-songwriter. Spadini's voice perfectly encapsulates the hurt of finding yourself ‘200 miles’ from the person you really wish to be with; as the songstress so elegantly puts it – “Everyone needs a light sometimes / You’re the only one that shines”. 

Loneliness and longing are feelings we can all relate to, especially after recent global events that we’ve experienced of late, and many artists have explored such themes in recent months. However, with the minimal production allowing a focus on Spadini’s voice, we find her debut single to be one of the more emotive love songs of the year. 
‘Part of You’ threatens to build into a crescendo, yet leads you down an unlikely path, gradually fading away and leaving us with nothing but the parting voice of Spadini soundtracked alongside a sole piano instead. It’s a poignant way to finish such a beautiful song, which shows not only the confidence the singer has in her ability but also her knack at taking the listener on an unexpected journey throughout her work. 

At just 21 years old and currently still studying for a degree from Berklee University, the sky really does seem to be the limit for Daniella Spadini.  

James Ogden 
Image – Official Single Artwork 

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