Thursday, June 24, 2021

Zander’s Spotify Debut: Small Loop

Zander, hailing from Yorkshire, has recently released a new single - ‘Small Loop’. 

As this is Zander’s first song to be featured on Spotify, it’s a momentous occasion for this young man, whose career in music looks very promising. 

He’s already proven himself to be a welcomed addition to the indie scene - if you need further convincing, look no further than ‘Small Loop’.

The song begins with a bouncy guitar riff to catch the listeners’ attention, capturing facets of surf rock, while being mainly grounded in indie rock. Zander’s focus is clear, he seems to know exactly what he wants to accomplish  - that is, creating catchy indie music with a deeper meaning. 


At around the 50-second mark, the song becomes subtly more melancholy, creating a minor tonal shift and introducing us to ‘Small Loop’s second main riff. It’s wonderfully bluesy, whilst catching cues from Arctic Monkeys’ earlier records (think pre- ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’).


From here, the song grows ever more wistful as it progresses, with the catchy guitar remaining ever-present. It’s not jarring, however – it fits very naturally into the melody.

The song’s lyrics are about the shortness of life and how it can pass you by if you’re not careful – hence the title ‘Small Loop’.


As ‘Small Loop’ reaches its climax, it becomes much slower and quieter, with the drums stopping at this point. They have been economical throughout the song, merely adding substance to Zander’s acoustic lead rather than overshadowing it.


‘Small Loop’ is a catchy, summery song with some great lyrical content and a great beat to back it up - it’s a short song and could easily fly under your radar, but you should go out of your way to check this one out.


Jimmy Johnson

Image: Provided By The Artist


  1. Love this song! Super catchy, can't wait to hear more from Zander :)

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