Thursday, June 24, 2021

Moon Museum Release Their Enigmatic Track ‘Contraptions’

There’s a new shoegaze band on the block, and they come in the shape of enigmatic lyricism and cosmic distortion.

Hailing from the sunny scapes of Bay Area California, Moon Museum is composed of Ryan Joseph, Olivia Barchard, Ian Zazueta, and Aaron Hazen. With a few songs already under their belt, ‘Contraptions’ is sure to be a hit with fans and new listeners alike. The song explores new aspects of the collective’s creativity, with lead vocalist Joseph intending to “build an experience that transverses through bittersweetness, longing, and suspense”

‘Contraptions’ is nothing short of an abstract painting, with allusive lyricism adding to the surreality of the track. Opening with the poetic words, “the sky was a place we’d visit, throwing fire, briefly gorgeously/ what you lose in flowers, you gain in fruit, upon the starless sea,” Joseph’s meditative vocals immediately send you into a state of tranquility. 

The metaphorical and cerebral nature of the song continues throughout, and carries with it an abundance of lyrics to decipher: “bring me back rubs, tongues and tiger hotly, more dear than faberge”.

The chorus of ‘Contraptions’ is eerily serene, with Joseph singing the words, “It’s alright/ we’re disguised /we don’t know how it feels / we won’t know how it feels”. It’s a track drenched in melancholy, and Bachard’s ethereal backing vocals carry the enchanting vibrations. 

With dreamy melodies and airy distortion, this song is a staple for any shoegaze playlist. There is no denying the creative talent from each member, including drummer Hazen, who embodies the control yet fluidity needed for a song like this one. ‘Contraptions’ embodies the innovation we often find today with music, but it also stays true to what makes the shoegaze and dreampop genre so trance-inducing. It’s time to put your headphones on and indulge in all the auditory magic that Moon Museum has to offer. 

Náoimí Smyth


Image: Moon Museum Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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