Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The boys of The Divisions are making an impact with latest single ‘White Ash’

White Ash’ by The Divisions is a ‘90s Britpop meets post-punk masterpiece.

Just when we were beginning to think that era was dead, the London 4 piece are bringing it back in a big way. 

Starting out in 2019, Jim Talbott (Vocals/Guitar), Will Oliveira (Lead Guitar), Ben Phillips (Backing Vocals/Bass), and Jakeem Reeves (Drums), quickly established themselves in their home city.

Being just the band’s fourth release ‘White Ash’ is an effortlessly cool cut and offers a great look at things to come. 

The track has an absolute ripping guitar sound that is unparalleled in 2021 - it's a reminiscent sound of easier times. The guitar solo shows Oliveira’s technical skill as well as his clear love of seminal rock stars, such as Hendrix. Reeves’ drum tracking for this song is spectacular is complex, but not intimidatingly so.

The sprinkle of post-punk influence is clear in how the band has mixed the sound of the instruments with lyrics. Talbott’s vocal style brings a Gallagher brother tone and style - minus the arrogance and the family feud. The pacing and the style of the lyrics gives clear indication of who their influences are.

Writing about White Ashon their official band website, they state that: “The lyrics were written about jumping into a fiery relationship and having it all burn out and fade away as quickly as it started."

Lyrically, they delivered a hard hitter. It is easy to relate to the content of the lyrics because we have all been there and experienced the type of relationship that ‘White Ash’ is about. Although we can all relate, it doesn’t make the words any easier to accept. Despite the emotional and heavy lyrics, The Divisions haven’t let the melancholy override the track. It will hook you in and demand to be repeated. 

The Divisions are showing a lot of promise and will surely be making huge waves in the British music scene in the near future. 

Ethan Cooke
Image: The Divisions White Ash official single artwork


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