Monday, June 21, 2021

Shelter Boy Speaks of Teenage Love On Indie-Pop song ‘Terrace'

'Terrace’, brought to you by German indie-artist Shelter Boy and ‘Dance Baby!’s Boy Pablo, is the ultimate summer bop.  With a groovy melody and sincere lyrics speaking on adolescent love, this track is sure to be an indie-pop banger.

Fans of Boy Pablo are sure to be playing this record on repeat, collaborating with Shelter Boy to create a masterpiece. Both artists work together perfectly to create a hip, new feel-good song that hits that sweet musical spot.

The start of the track begins with light, summery guitar strums, setting the tone for the whole song. The song is said to be just one of his upcoming debut album, ‘FAILURE FAMILIAR’

“11 tracks all about failure/getting back up/feeling love/feeling hatred/intoxication/and vulnerability - all things that have mattered the most to me whilst creating this record.” - Shelter Boy (via Instagram). 

The lyrics in ‘Terrace’ are straightforward and work well to convey these feelings perfectly.

“We'll be sitting on our terrace, terrace/ Our lives will be beautiful and all.”  The chorus itself tells of a story of teenage lovers sitting on a terrace together, simply enjoying each other’s company - it’s sweet and catchy, the perfect combination for a summer anthem. 

Pablo’s lyrics convey the feeling of pure adoration – “she’s the one to ease my mind when worries hit my head / Sweet and calm she looks at me and tells me you’ll be okay”. These are expressions of genuine admiration and the song resonates with the audience deeply through shared experience, reminiscing over being a teen in love, and how dreamy and blissful it can be at the time.

In the background of the song, we can hear a repetitive eighties-electro-sounding beat that easily sticks in our minds. It’s this in particular that sets the tone for the whole song, and gives it that distinct indie-pop sound. Fans of Declan McKenna’s ‘Brazil’ will surely love this song, harboring the same vibes within their melodies. 

It’s safe to say that Shelter Boy and Boy Pablo have created a beautiful feel-good vibe with ‘Terrace’. Shelter Boy’s debut album ‘FAILURE FAMILIAR’ comes out September the 10th and is available for pre-order now here: 


Lilly Hilton 


Image: ‘Terrace’ Official Artwork by YAWN

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