Monday, June 21, 2021

‘That Letter’ is far more than The Facades’ debut single, but an introduction to a new, multi-faceted band any alternative fan should be excited about

The Facades’ debut single ‘That Letter’ may have only been released a few short weeks ago, but the catchy beat and heavy riffs makes it a firm contender for any alternative summer playlist.

The strums of the guitar on the opening beat are designed to inform the listener that they’re in for something special. The three-minute single tells of ‘That Letter’ – clearly evidencing an affair in such an intricate and informal way that even the least nosy person would have their ears burning. 

“I saw that letter that you sent her / Where you're meeting Tuesday evening/ Where you’re discussing business / Is she your mistress?”

The chanting of “Na na na na” as the bass increases will leave any listener itching to learn more as the lyrics unfold the importance of the allusive letter.

“I don’t care what you gotta say / And I don’t care if you get awayI don’t care what you gotta say / I think that it’s a silly game”

The Wigan four-piece have received attention from the likes of the BBC Introducing, BBC Radio Merseyside, and the XS Manchester evening show due to which their debut has been played across the North each week since its release and ended up in scoring the ‘Record of the Week’ in late May. 

The Facades have also been taking full advantage of the newfound concert freedoms, performing around Manchester City Centre accompanied by other northern newcomers, including: UNOMAS, Dakota avenue and Garden Party. 

Although so far, these up-and-coming voices may only have one single released on major streaming platforms, they are clearly far bigger than this song alone. Fans on Facebook are often delighted to find copies of The Facades’ acoustic sessions, filmed and recorded at The Tudor. Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ and The Blinder’s ‘In This Decade’ are just two examples of the multi-talented team’s abilities. 

As the date for their latest live show – June 14th where The Facades will be supporting Rivver at The Boulevard, Wigan – looms ever closer, the band will undoubtedly be preparing for a warm welcome.


Soph Smith

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Image: The Facades Official Single Artwork


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