Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Subtle Mullets Deliver Powerful New Single, ‘Her(e)’

After the success of their debut single, ‘Waste My Time’, the five-piece rock band, Subtle Mullets, have returned with another impactful, alternative masterpiece. 

Inspired by music written by The Hunna and L7, the Australian natives channel their inspiration for overdriven guitar tones and prominent basslines to generate a form of nostalgia and emotion, ultimately leading to the creation of ‘Her(e)’. 

Claiming that the single is written from the perspective of a friend who needed to “get out of Sydney” because of their repetitive habits, ‘Her(e)’ connects with the younger generation, to the people that feel lost and perhaps to the people who want to escape from their reality because of the pressures that young adults face within society.

Subtle Mullets have noticed this by deciding to produce a track based upon these struggles and consequently, have moulded an anthem for the adolescent heart. 

This view is reinforced with the opening lyric, “I’ve gotta get away from here”. The lyric’s purpose is simple - a statement of intent. With the accompaniment of grungy rhythm guitar and an uncompromising drum pattern, an element of power and authority surges through. One could argue that this reflects the mindset of the person that wants to “get away” and escape, as this feeling of strength will be required to fulfill the daunting task of leaving one’s home and what is familiar to them, to seek a new lifestyle. 

The emotion formed when listening to this track is a feeling of hope. The desire and belief that the subject will find a new life is empowering and thus, encapsulates the listener. Therefore, ‘Her(e)’ is more than just a piece of music, it is a story. A story to which many people will relate. And for this reason alone, Subtle Mullets must be congratulated and commended. 

Their talent and songwriting skills are second to none, and with their fanbase growing exponentially, the future of these five gifted musicians appears only to be bright.

Charles Scarrott  


Image: Subtle Mullets Official ‘Her(e)’ Single Artwork (PRESS) 

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