Saturday, June 05, 2021

Mark Remmington Shares A Sweet Ode To Love On ‘Black Keys Honey’

Former journeyman guitarist Mark Remmington has returned from a decade-long break from music, and he is on a mission to record and release twelve songs in twelve weeks. 

These twelve songs will be collated to form his first album as a singer-songwriter, which will be titled ‘12 Weeks’. Each individual song was written, recorded and mastered over the course of a singular week, entirely by Remmington himself.

‘Black Keys Honey’, the eighth track in this series of songs, incorporates a mixture of diverse influences, including rock, alternative, indie, pop and folk. 

The track begins with a simple piano melody, created using only the black keys on the piano. Throughout the song, the instrumental increases in complexity as layers of drums and electric guitars are added to build on the piano foundations of the track.  

Lyrically, ‘Black Keys Honey’ is a sweet love song dedicated to Remmington’s wife, whom he describes as the best person that he knows. The track is an ode to their love, and how lucky he feels to have met her and to be able to call her his wife. Rather than being about the honey in a jar depicted on the song’s cover art, the ‘honey’ that the lyrics are referring to is in fact his wife.

Linking to the melody which plays consistently throughout the instrumental of the song, he compares the love that he shares with his wife to the beautiful sound of the black keys on the piano, which he has great appreciation for due to how well they lend themselves to creating catchy and memorable melodies (“Reaching out for the black keys honey / Can’t you see they sound like flowers in the spring to me”).

‘12 Weeks’ will be an album where Remmington reflects on the past few months of his life during the pandemic, using the song-writing process as an opportunity to process the mental health struggles which he has battled throughout the lockdown period. However, ‘Black Keys Honey’ is a moment of positivity within the darkness, in which he shares his appreciation for the positivity that his marriage adds to his life.  

Gemma Cockrell


Image Credit: Black Keys Honey Single Artwork

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