Saturday, June 05, 2021

Lime Garden: Gen Zs Answer to Indie Rock release new track ‘Sick & Tired’.

Lime Garden are the epitome of Gen Z indie rock. Hailing from Brighton, this all-girl four piece are bringing a fresh twist to the genre and frontiers of the future with their latest release ‘Sick & Tired’ being no exception to this. 

Despite ‘Sick & Tired’ only being Lime Garden’s third release, they are a band that already have solid footing in their sound and influences; making for a bright future and broadcasting limitless potential. 

‘Sick & Tired’ is a track bursting in authenticity. The age of social media has created a culture for young people to only publicise their ‘highlight reel’ - creating false narratives and perceptions of themselves and their lives. 

However, Lime Garden unveils the truth of navigating your place in the world as a young person, as they detail the burnout, heartbreak, and confusion surrounding this time in your life without romanticising or editing the reality. 

“I keep on believing that it’s gonna be fine / Even if I run around in circles and change my mind / I’m sick and I’m tired / Need to find a way to get back up and wired”

In terms of the instrumentation, it is clear these girls know their music. Slick guitars, vibrant synths, and a toe-tapping grove that harkens to classic Bombay Bicycle Club live alongside a soft and airy vocal performance making for an all-around ethereal experience. Drawing from synth-pop, electronic and even metal showing in drum fills, Lime Garden creates a fresh yet cohesive indie sound, without being too out there not too predictable. 

Lime Garden shows a lot of promise in their newest song ‘Sick & Tired’, and after gaining considerable traction from their first two singles, they are definitely ones to watch in the indie sphere. 

Ellie Callaghan

Photo: Official Single Artwork (So Young Records)

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