Friday, June 04, 2021

Take A Breath with Red Maker’s New Single 'Better in Time'

Wanting to find that energetic, carefree, feel-good song? Look no further than the new track brought to you by South Dakota’s finest, Red Maker. Consisting of vocalist Morgan Harris and instrumentalist Sam Di Vito, the indie-pop duo are offering listeners a moment of escapism with their latest release, 'Better in Time'.

The past year and a half has been a turbulent time, from being thrown into various lockdowns and adhering to all kinds of restrictions; our world has been turned completely upside down and we have all had to adjust to a new normal. However, 'Better in Time' is the perfect song to provide us with an optimistic perspective on the future, instead of dwelling on any current issues we may be facing.

Originally, the song was written by vocalist Harris, after learning that his wife was going through emotional pain due to financial worries. The song is ‘a promise to her that he was gonna work to get them out of that situation and into the good life’, Red Maker says.

As if it needed any more sentimental value, the track is a completely organic, home-grown product. The drums were recorded at Di Vito’s place of work (a t-shirt printing shop), and the rest of the track was recorded and produced in Harris’ basement. 

Opening with a calming arpeggiated guitar melody, the listener is immediately welcomed. This later develops into the much-loved indie-rock composition of big guitar chords and up-tempo drums which propel the listener into a powerful chorus.  

The track offers a fresh perspective on a challenge faced by many: trying to stay level-headed amongst our struggles, and remain positive that in the future these struggles will be a distant memory. However, due to the pandemic, it has become easier than ever to overthink, and the amount of anxiety and burn-out felt amongst many people around the globe has sky-rocketed. 'Better in Time' represents the hope and motivation that most of us need to power through these hardships, and in this sense, is a gift to anybody who has the pleasure of listening to the track.

Rachel Feehan



Image: Better In Time Single Artwork

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