Friday, June 11, 2021

Kekko’s EP ‘Dreaming Life’ is the Epitome of Ethereal

Self-acclaimed cosmic duo Kekko have released their first EP, ‘Dreaming Life’ and it’s nothing short of a philosophical and psychedelic journey that shows itself to be boundless, even after the last chord is struck.   

Husband and wife Tim Kek and Cherie Ko are the creative foundations that make up the emerging Singaporean dream pop project, Kekko.

Released through Spirit Goth Records, the EP from beginning to end is a trance-inducing dreamscape, with each song seeped in surrealism. The tracks merge together in the most magical of ways, taking you down a wandering path of melodic vibrations. If kaleidoscopes were sounds, this would be it. 

Opening with the song ‘Dreaming Life’, you’re instantly spellbound by Cherie’s ethereal vocals and Tim’s unique perspective on musicality. It’s cerebral, yet enchanting. Together they have a mystical and mesmerising way of crafting poetic lyrics and composing abstract and airy melodies. This track in particular is inspired by the ancient writings of Eastern philosophy and spirituality. 

The dream continues with ‘Within You’ and it’s vibrant with existential undertones, exemplified through soft, yet hypnotising lyricism: “ride with me away into oblivion, we’ll be okay/ in the ether, you’ll see her, staring back into the/ void”. After releasing it as their debut single, Kekko have attracted a colourful and devoted community of listeners who are undoubtedly ready to escape in all the magic they have to offer. 

‘Timelessness’ is a track that intertwines the familiar with the unfamiliar. When asked what the song meant to the creative duo, Tim simply responded with, “it is where Life blossoms, it is where love breathes. This is all there is”. The penultimate track has a wonderful ability to transcend you to another realm entirely, whilst still keeping you grounded in all the collective moments that make up our existence. 

The dream fades with ‘Past Lives’, and reignites buried emotions that have been brought to realisation through the lyrics: “you fell and headed into a cave/ sparkling, a doorway is beckoning/ it’s over, there is no turning back/ I’m sure it’s all just a hazy dream”. And just before you’re gently passed back to the illusions of reality, Cherie draws the chapter to a close with the soul-wrenching words, “just close your eyes my dear, I’ll be there soon/ this sacred union will be anew”. 

It’s a collage of songs that will leave you thinking about life through a whole new scope; one that unearths the magic and mystery in the seemingly mundane. Committed fans of 90s shoegaze icons such as My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, and avid listeners of contemporary collectives like Cigarettes After Sex and Tame Impala alike can appreciate the beauty and craft that comes with ‘Dreaming Life’

If only the fantasy could last just one moment longer.

Náoimí Smyth


Image: PR [Spirit Goth Records] / Cover Artwork by Alexis Jamet

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