Saturday, June 12, 2021

Catching Mangoes: Take a trip through ‘Kevins Town’

Catching Mangoes, a three-piece indie rock band from Brighton, UK, have recently released their third single, ‘Kevin’s Town’, which also happens to be the title track of their debut album. 

The single is undeniably a feel-good indie song complete with electric guitars and a joyous drumbeat. The band put their own twist on the traditional indie anthem with harmonious voices, a melodious saxophone in the background, and a heavy electric guitar riff. The different elements in the track work so well together that the sound becomes irresistible. Although there are definitely elements of musical crossovers in this track where the band members have all combined their personalities, the band's roots are firmly in indie rock. 


As promised we discover a lot about Kevin in this song, and the track draws you into his world and the journey that he is taking. The track definitely tells a story within itself, with a plethora of different sounds that perfectly replicates the way that Kevin is feeling and what he is going through. This particular single narrates Kevin’s encounter with an angelic figure, igniting his journey of self-discovery. 

Kevin’s Town’ is the third of four singles to be released from the album, alongside a mini-documentary following the album’s production, a music video, and related merchandise. The conceptual album follows the story of a young boy named Kevin and his adventures. Kevin escapes his hometown to find the truth about himself and his fellow townsfolk, he soon realises he is the only one who can save his town from a terrible fate after uncovering a mystery surrounding his long-lost father. 

I am sure you will agree that the track really fits into the narrative nicely. I await to learn more about Kevin in the next single, which will hopefully be released in the foreseeable future. 

Rosie Morrison 


Image: Kevin’s Town Official Album Cover

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