Friday, June 11, 2021

Distopia Preach Positivity On Their New Single ‘Good Day’

Emerging from New York in the early 2000's, the three-piece band 'Distopia' consists of Alex Silver (vocals and guitar), John Marc Degaard (drums) and Jason Robins (bass). So far, they have released three singles, ‘Made For You’, ‘Healing’, and their latest release ‘Good Day’.

The indie sound of ‘Good Day’ is established from the start of the song, with an introduction of summery guitar strums before the first verse begins. The vocals of the verses have multiple layers; this results in the verses being the most intense part of the song rather than the chorus. They are instantly ear-catching, with clear and enunciated vocals that make the song easy to sing along to.

The chorus also features harmonies but, unlike the verses, these harmonies are provided by the track’s featured artist Haley Flake. The contrasting femininity of her voice adds a gentle and dreamy touch to the chorus’s sound. The chorus is the most mellow section, which is a rare and unique structure since typically chorus’ features the most punchy and upbeat section of most songs.

The lyrics of the track, as the title, may suggest, communicate a positive and optimistic message. The final line of the chorus, “Today was a good day / So stay for a while”, is one that is repeated throughout the track and becomes a lasting memory of this track. The lyrics speak of appreciating the good times with the person you love, wishing that they could be never-ending.

Distopia have announced that they are planning on releasing their first full-length album in mid-2021, after finishing recording it in November 2020, and it will consist of twelve tracks. An official title or release date for the album is yet to be confirmed, but it seems likely that ‘Good Day’, along with their previous two singles ‘Made For You’ and ‘Healing’, have been lifted from this album.

Gemma Cockrell


Image Credit: Distopia Official Single Artwork (PRESS)

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