Thursday, June 17, 2021

Introducing The Taylor Twins and Their Debut Single - 'Lost All The Summer'

The sixties-sounding indie-rock song with bittersweet nostalgic lyrics, 'Lost All The Summer,' is guaranteed to be a fan favourite this summer. 

Oliver ‘Ollie’ and Edward ‘Eddie’ Taylor have released a new single in their reimagined band The Taylor Twins.

Before becoming The Taylor Twins, they were known as ‘Butterfly’ and had already received exposure on famous radio stations such as Radio 1 and Radio X for their EP ‘Ranger 1’.

Now they’re back under a new name and are making a statement with ‘Lost All The Summer’.

The song begins with soft, sweet layered melodies that are reminiscent of The Beatles’ early work, such as ‘Here Comes The Sun’. The opening half of the song is charming, with honeyed vocals accompanied by gritty guitar and steady drums. The Taylor Twins also included a guitar solo at the end of the song, offering a grunge feel and adding more of an alternative vibe to the track.

The band commented on ‘Lost All The Summer’ saying the track is “an expression of frustration about missing out on things in the past, and knowing better this time, making the most of everything life has to offer from now on. It’s about growing into yourself.” (via Spotify). 

The lyrics convey this message effortlessly, singing about all that could have been- “Enough was said, to one another / I realised we've lost all the summer / Without a doubt (without a doubt) / We'll move on out / And run away my lady”

They capture the essence of bittersweetness perfectly, reminding us all of how it feels to reminisce over moments that could have been. Through their storytelling, the Taylor Twins succeed in intimately connecting with their audience, making the song something that many people can identify with.

The Taylor Twins have been open about their views on music, saying – “Music is there to entertain, to provoke, to thrill and to give people something they crave. Why not give them a show?” (via Spotify). And with 'Lost All The Summer,' they've succeeded admirably in mixing sixties psychedelic elements to create an indie-rock single that speaks to their audience through shared experience.


Lilly Hilton 


Image: ‘Lost All The Summer’ Official Artwork

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