Thursday, June 17, 2021

Olivia Morreale’s EP ‘Space Dreams’: Outer Space Never Sounded So Smooth

Living up to its name, 'Space Dreams' from LA synth-pop artist, Olivia Morreale, is an elegantly dreamy collection of tracks, showcasing her smooth vocals and talent for seamlessly blending genres to create her own distinct sound. 

Throughout the EP lies an undeniably cool and relaxed groove that would make these tracks feel at home on a trendy nightclub DJ’s rotation as well as your Sunday morning coffee playlist. 

The sophisticated and creative production combined with Morreale’s confident songwriting results in a seductive and intricate flow of songs. 


Opening track ‘No Answer’ immediately draws in the listener with a simple beat, delicate use of synths, and Morreale’s slick, velvet-smooth vocals. The song builds steadily with some vocal harmonies and well-judged use of ambient synth layers over the continuous beat. 

Another Moon’ picks up the pace with an old-school RnB beat, great use of backing vocals, and a catchy melody, whilst still maintaining the chilled-out feel that the opening track has established. The addition of a soft, clean electric guitar riff is a delightful contrast alongside the predominantly electronic instruments.   

Introducing a slightly darker feel, edgier track ‘Parasomnia’ plays around with some experimental vocal effects and atmospheric sounds to create an enthralling soundscape that builds nicely. Definitely the most sonically experimental of the tracks, ‘Parasomnia’ gives Morreale the chance to explore the moodier side of her musical personality; an audibly deliberate tone to her vocal delivery and a less obvious harmonious quality to the instrumental layering demonstrate Morreale’s ability to insert a bit more attitude. In contrast, Morreale also gracefully creates the feeling of space for the listener, playing around with distance and volume with the track’s production.  

Space Dreams’ ends on a high with ‘Matter of Time’, the only never before released track on the EP. This track serves as a nice bookend, bringing the tone back around to the relaxed feel that we opened with, only with an added noticeable blues influence. Having grown up listening to jazz and blues music in New York, Morreale seems to have absorbed that depth and appreciation of soulful music and parlayed it effortlessly into her modern pop music explorations. This closing track is arguably the most vocally impressive, with Morreale seeming to push herself more here than on previous tracks but still leaving you wanting more. 


As stated on her official website, Morreale describes her music as having “an 80s retro wave sound and feels like the soundtrack to a good dream”, and ‘Space Dreams’ is the ultimate display of slow-burn, modern RnB tunes topped with deliciously rich vocals and spacey effects. Created alongside fellow songwriter and producer, Eli Koskoff, this is only Morreale’s second EP. Her music has successfully brought listeners to space this time, and I’m already curious about where she’ll take us next.  

Aoife McMahon

Image: Space Dreams Official EP Artwork

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