Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Indigo FM try and make sense of one of the most unlikely of years on latest single ‘Anhedonia’

Anhedonia, a condition where the once-pleasurable activities no longer seem satisfying, is the focus of Indigo FM on their latest single. 

The LA-based band sends us on a garage-rock rollercoaster of falsetto vocals and slick guitars as we explore the human condition that saps the life out of the few joys this world seems to give us. 

Opening with a 60’s inspired riff before haunted vocals talk of “Another red setting sun” that is "So overdone”, the band can expose the Instagram-friendly modern trend that proclaims to use nature and all its wonder as a treatment for our ailments. However, the constant barrage of social media positivity cannot scratch the surface of the malaise this group feels. 

As they “Try and make the most of it”, the song's themes of discontent continue, matched by the rolling drums and loose guitar that echo the melancholy themes of the track. 

The proclamation that “Maybe we’re all suffering from Anhedonia” comes during a chorus of echoing falsetto vocals. In a period when many have tried in vain to find solace in the simple things in life, the declaration will perfectly encapsulate the sense of despondency most have come to feel during a time in which the pandemic stole many of the things we once enjoyed. 

The early 2000s post-punk-inspired song, with its excellent production, vintage guitar sound, and themes of discontent, is a perfect homage to the year many have experienced. Being one of the few bands that seem to proudly wear their influences on their sleeve, Indigo FM is fast becoming a favourite of those who feel the alternative rock scene does nothing for them anymore.

James Ogden 

Image – Official Single Artwork

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