Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Charli Adams' single ‘Get High w/My Friends’ Sets the Perfect Vibes for a Laid Back Summer

After over a year of being cooked up inside away from friends and experiences, we all need to give ourselves a break and let loose a little. For different people that will be different things, but whether you want to get high with your friends or not, everyone will be able to relate to the longing for a carefree time that pulsates through Charli Adams’ latest single ‘Get High w/My Friends’.

This well-timed summer release is more than just an expression of wanting a much-needed reprieve from the fatigue and challenge that life has been. 

The careful instrumentation and relaxed beat give this track a thoughtful and present feeling which adds a certain depth to an otherwise typical summer bop. Listeners are drawn in further by the catchy melodic hooks that Charli is no stranger to as a strong songwriter. The simple but considered lyrics help you get lost in the track and have you singing along with her.

The accompanying music video is a quirky animated depiction of Charli heading off into space in the company of a pet rabbit and fits perfectly with the laid-back and enticing tone of the track. Including the lyrics in a "karaoke-style" is a nice touch that further suggests that this release is first and foremost about having fun and connecting with people.

While this song doesn’t hide away from expressing feelings of wanting to dance and have a good time with some light drugs, Charli makes it clear that the song is aimed to be generally relatable and encouraging for people to do what makes them feel at ease, stating: “I'm not encouraging escapism through drugs, it's more about whatever helps you feel more present.” Whatever that is for you, throw on this light-hearted tune and let it help you relax into the summer ahead.

Charli’s debut album ‘Bullseye’ will be released on the 16th of July on Color Study Records.

Aoife McMahon
Image: Single Cover Art for 'Get High w/My Friends'

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