Friday, June 11, 2021

Guy Davis Shines on Impressive Debut Single - Late Night Launderette

Hailing from Peckham, Guy Davis finds solace in his own mind with a debut single that keeps you enthralled throughout its four-minute run time.  

'Late Night Launderette', the first official single released by Davis, imagines an absent-minded individual escaping down the rabbit hole of their thoughts, sitting in a Launderette whilst “Waiting on the midnight sun to set”

Opening with a pounding drumbeat and heavily reverberated guitars, that perfectly match the daydreaming theme that can be found in the lyrics, the track is brought to life by Davis’ distinctive vocals. The deep tone and strained delivery are reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen, whilst the slide guitars and ringing backing vocals only add to an Americana heartland rock theme. 

Ethereal slide guitar solos supported by echoing guitars playing shimmering chords do an amazing job of matching the words to the sound of the song, encapsulating the feeling of disconnection during the tedious tasks of everyday life. “You sit and watch the rocket launch, you’re wasting all your breath / On a drug inducing sense of expectation” laments Davis, perfectly describing the anti-climactic notion of an unexciting life in an ever more exciting world. 

These themes of sleepwalking through one’s own experiences are felt profoundly on the track and are beautifully compounded by Davis’ haunting vocals and abstract lyrics.  

Acknowledging the banality of life, Davis asks “Are you having fun; / Are you too far gone to even care?”. The deeply profound line recognises the natural human response to the mundane; to find solace in our own perceived sense of what the world is and can be in the warrens of our own imagination. 

The sun-soaked sound of the song with its dreamlike guitars, joined by an incredible vocal performance, make it one of the more compelling songs released this year. The fact that it is just a debut single is even more enthralling. If this is the start, then the sky is the limit for Guy Davis.  

James Ogden 

Image: Late Night Launderette Single Artwork 

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