Thursday, June 10, 2021

Are you in The Mood for the 'Ultimate Indie Disco'?

Birmingham’s 4 piece indie-rockers, The Mood, bring absolute euphoria with their debut single 'Ultimate Indie Disco'. The boys bring a reimagined nostalgic sound of classic rock’n’roll whilst teasing a nod to 90’s Britpop and all it’s glory. Their debut effort definitely puts you in the mood for those hot summer nights we have all been anticipating for.

The single starts off with a catchy baseline which leads up to an energetic introduction of full drums and a surf-rock guitar riff, which carries throughout the single, creating an ultimate feel-good debut from the boys.  

The energy is maintained throughout the verses, with lead singer, Dan, painting a picture of the 'Ultimate Indie Disco', through his lyricism “The girls with 60s hair, that really just don’t care,” and how “The party will get wilder/ when people just drink cider/ and the songs of the noughties are beginning to play.” 

The pre-chorus takes us straight to the disco with a building guitar riff and drums echoing the chants of the crowds, mirroring pre-chorus from bands like The Vaccines, for the ultimate throwback feeling. The chorus ends with a simple hook that you will definitely be singing out on your way home from their 'Ultimate Indie Disco', with feelings of pure brilliance and joy which ascends from the tune.

The Mood have created a fantastic, feel-good, and upbeat sound for their debut single. Implementing their indie-rock sound, whilst also teasing elements of Britpop, layered between surf-rock riffs and thick classic rock’n’roll drums for the ultimate summer song. A single so simple, yet the musical layering and relatable lyricism will have you singing this song all day, and so you should it’s too fun not to!

Get on your dancing shoes because you don’t want to miss a beat at The Mood’s 'Ultimate Indie Disco'.



Niamh Boorman


Image : Ultimate Indie Disco Official Single Artwork (Ultimate Indie Disco by The Mood | Free Listening on SoundCloud)



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