Thursday, June 10, 2021

Geiste's New 'Retrograde' EP Is Exactly What We Need This Summer

French singer-songwriter GEISTE has just released her refreshing ‘Retrograde’ EP. The five cinematic songs of this dark-pop EP are emotionally adventurous and well composed, full of excellent synth instrumentation, deep lyrics, and beautiful harmonies. It’s a release that is guaranteed to be played over and over again.


The first track, ‘Alibi,’ is addictive with its dynamic instrumentation and breath-taking harmonies. Undeniably, the suspense from the repeated sequence of notes blends exceptionally well with the excitement from the breaks, crescendos, catchy choruses, and harmonious vocals. Although it was uncertain where the song was going initially, ‘Alibi’ surely did not disappoint in the end. 


Twig’ is the staple track of the EP – it’s a certified banger. The tight beat in the chorus and GEISTE’s beautiful vocals at the beginning genuinely captivate the ears and compel to be put on repeat. ‘Tide’ is another track set to be adored. Full of captivating imagery, it’s an incredible track that begs to be added to your summer playlists.


'I just feel really empty inside all the time', is a relatable track of self-introspection. With lyrics such as, “I think I might have lost my way when I kept on trying/I was breaking all the rules I made about feeling alive.” The combination of GEISTE’s angelic voice and the suspenseful instrumentals breathe life into the third track. The song’s highlight is the groovy instrumental break towards the end of the song as the backing vocals blend with a powerful bass in an insane beat drop – It’s perfection!


The EP finishes with the titular track ‘Retrograde,’ opening with piano chords that hark back to GEISTE’s beginnings as an acoustic artist prior to transitioning to electronica. So, it’s refreshing to hear a bit of GEISTE in her original guise. 


If GEISTE can produce such a goosebump-worthy EP, it is a wonder at what her life performance could do. Just from the sound of this EP, GEISTE is one talented artist that everyone should be watching out for.

Taylor Berry

Instagram: @_taylorberry20_

Image: Nick Bowring

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