Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Wolf Alice prepare for the release of their new album with break-up anthem of the year ‘No Hard Feelings’

Six years on from their debut album, Wolf Alice are releasing their third studio album, ‘Blue Weekend’, in less than a month now. The band have already released ‘The Last Man on Earth’ and ‘Smile’, to warm us up. Now we are being treated to another new track, ‘No Hard Feelings’.

‘No Hard Feelings’ is the break-up anthem no one asked for, but the one we all needed. We all love a good break-up song, but this one just hits differently.

“No hard feelings honey/there’ll be no bad blood/losing your love has been hard enough”

This song is a simple track, a bass melody, and Rowsell performing vocally. Nothing more needed - (give or take a few synths and effects). The fact that this song is so stripped, allows you to truly focus on what is being said - the way that the bass melody coexists and reflects Rowsell’s voice is incredibly aurally pleasing. 

The track puts its emphasis on the nuance of a breakup, we’ve all been there, running all the what if’s through your head when you’re alone. 

“Would we ever have tied the knot?/Well how long is a piece of string?” 

The lyrics show the unanswerable nature of these types of scenarios and thoughts. There is an undeniable amount of emotion found in Rowsell’s vocal performance, which is only appropriate for the lyrical nature of this track. It reflects that despite the fact that there are ‘No Hard Feelings’ it still is having an emotional impact.

Rowsell has truly shown her vulnerable side, which comes as a contrast to the last single released. ‘Smile’ was a very I don’t give a fuck single, but ‘No Hard Feelings’ is a lot softer and emotional. This side of Wolf Alice hasn’t been this raw before. Usually Rowsell and Co. will cover the emotion in some of their tracks with loud instrumentals and Rowsell putting more power in her vocal performance.

If this track doesn’t excite you for the release of ‘Blue Weekend’, I don’t know what will.

Ethan Cooke

Instagram: @ethcooke_ @onealternativeplace

Image: Blue Weekend Official Artwork

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