Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Hold Steady explore human connection in a technological age with their latest single ‘Heavy Covenant’

Following on from the success of their previous single 'Family Farm' last December, The Hold Steady have released their latest track, ‘Heavy Covenant’. It marks the second single from their eighth studio album, ‘Open Door Policy’ (ODP), which is available now.

‘Heavy Covenant’ is a rousing rock anthem. Blasting horns meet electric guitars in a euphoric yet poignant wrestle with “travel, technology, and connection”, according to lead singer and songwriter Craig Finn. 

The song follows a traveling salesman trying to score drugs in a new town, allowing Finn to explore the desperate attempts of human connection. In a world dominated by social media and ‘like’ buttons, - where people live faster and more transient lifestyles – where real human interactions feel few and far between, The Hold Steady explore the complexities and loneliness of life on the road.

Finn’s widely-praised song-writing shines here, and the expertly crafted narration highlights the anxieties and turmoil of desiring something but being unable to explicitly ask for it. Be it out of shame, humiliation or not knowing how. 

‘Heavy Covenant’ is riddled with uncertainties, and its character is dependent on allusions to get by: “Met a guy up in some music club/ Gave him almost forty bucks/ To make it safe to bring the subject up”. Finn presents a lifestyle that is dependent on the code and void of transparency. It would appear that modern life is a lot more complex than ever before, where fleeting and superficial engagements are the norm, and those looking for something deeper are forced to the side-lines.

By Megan FitzGerald 

Instagram: @meganfitzgg

Image: Official Album Artwork

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