Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The 502s energetic new ‘Leading Lady’ and her mission to spread love

The five-piece indie-folk band, The 502s are self-confessed ‘undeniable rays of Florida sunshine’ and are back with the latest preview of their upcoming album ‘Could It Get Better Than This’. 

The 502s are really a mini-orchestra, creating a modern-folk mix they describe as a ‘colourful menagerie of instruments.’ 

Made up of Ed, Matt, Sean, Joe, and Nick, their eclectic sound incorporates vocals through to saxophones and banjos. Having been compared to Mumford and Sons, the band are making massive changes in the indie-folk genre. 

Just last year, the band attracted masses of attention and a whole new fan base with their single ‘Magdalene’ reaching 1.5 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments on TikTok within just a few days.


The new single, 'Leading Lady', carries on the band’s legacy of creating positive and uplifting music- with this being an integral part of their ethos.


A retro theme can be seen throughout the new release, from the cover to the song itself. The single artwork, featuring a 70s-looking television, perfectly matches with the cassette player sounds noticed at the very beginning of the song. Between this and the old-Hollywood theme to the lyrics, Leading Lady has a massively old-school feel to it. Whether intended or coincidental, the mix of retro details and new sounds is merging the lines between generations of the folk genre.


Leading Lady is perfectly written for live performances, with the melody encouraging people to dance and the lyrics for people to sing. Contrary to the lyrics of Magdalene, ‘Leading Lady’ captures the adrenaline rush of love, with lead singer Ed describing it as “the nerves-in-the-belly, heart-skipping-a-beat-stuff”. The song compares love to staring in your own movie and describes the way meeting ‘the one’ can completely encapsulate your life. 


There’s no doubting that The 502s are a uniquely talented band with an incredibly valuable message and their new single beautifully demonstrates this. They are single-handedly introducing a whole new demographic to their genre, by making folk more relatable and accessible to a younger generation. 

Could It Get Better Than This’ is due for release October 15th.

Lucy Burns


Image: Official Single Artwork


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